Fostering saves lives. We are their last hope.

These animals are defenceless. We are often their last hope. They look at us beseechingly. They have no voice. Let us be one of the voices for those that cannot speak, and a hope for those deemed too difficult, too costly or not worthy by others. (Saved by a Rescue Group)
I am a living creature. I feel pain. I need you to feed me and give me water. I depend on you. (Saved by a Rescue Group)
Must We Die? (Saved by a Rescue Group)
I am a surrender. They will kill me today. (Saved by a Rescue Group)
Who has judged me worthless? (Saved by a Rescue Group)
I cannot speak. I can only look at you beseechingly. Will you be my voice? (Saved by a Rescue Group)

history of community fostercare networks and rescue groups

Who remembers when the only way to adopt a dog in Victoria was to go to one of the major pounds/shelters? Did you do that? Did you walk through looking at those sad faces? Did you perhaps take home a dog or cat you weren’t sure you even wanted just to feel you had done something? So what changed. We came on the scene, and you supported us. The major shelters succumbed to pressure to show how many pets were killed and how many were saved. You, the compassionate people of Victoria, realised there was another way.... read more

animal rescue organisations need your help

On behalf of all the under-funded and overstretched community fostercare networks and other groups out there please do think whether there is one you would like to donate to.

Remember that nearly all rescue groups are run almost completely by volunteers. They do not have public relations and marketing people on their staff to spend their time organising campaigns to reach out to you for your money. Instead they rely on volunteers to have fundraisers to raise money that almost always go straight away on an operation to 'fix' a dog a cat.

We work at the front line saving the dogs and cats from pounds; taking ones from shelters for rehabilitation; taking on surrenders, some from uncaring people, others from people devastated to have to pass on their pets; working with puppy farm dogs, the unwanted, the sick, and often having dogs and cats in palliative care so they have a comfortable few months before their cancer or other problem catches up with them.

We aren't perfect. We don't always get back to you quickly, sometimes unfortunately not at all. We don't always get it right although we try our hardest. But never distrust our motives.

By just existing and doing what we do purely because we care, we have put pressure on the major shelters and pounds to relook at the animals they kill and begin to change their policies.

Sadly most of us are overstretched financially and after saving so many thousands of dogs and cats over the last decade our concern is that we will all just burn out and in five years may just not be around any more.

Dealing with the unwanted dogs and cats, the abuse and antagonism of some of the people involved, means we are not always the cheeriest of companions.

When we say 'help us to help them' we mean it. We have the dogs, we are caring for them in foster homes, or paying commercial kennels. We are putting in sometimes 90 or 100 hours of unpaid time a week and still struggling to cope financially with the demands to do the right thing by those in our care.

So please if you  care for the cats and dogs, consider those that need the money just to keep doing what they do. We have helped to change 'rescue dog' and 'rescue cat' into real words that are now part of the vocabulary. If you have a rescue dog or cat, do think of the process that got them to you.

Please think of the community fostercare networks and rescue groups that every day see the worst of people and how they treat dogs and cats.  We are the people who rescue those animals, care for them, rehabilitate them, love them, and then entrust them to your care. Sadly it all takes money also.

Please consider donating to a community fostercare network of your choice. Please help us.