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Dog Rescue Association Of Victoria

We have had to downsize the website. This is a temporary solution. We are still here for you.

Fostering saves lives. We are their last hope.

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Code Of Practice For Rescue

Please download the Code of Practice for community networks and other rescue groups for dogs:


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A Plain English Section 84y...

where rescue is treated as a partner, and not in an arrogant and disrespectful manner, download...



DRAV is:

  • committed to rescuing companion animals from pounds, shelters, private surrenders and in-crisis pets, and rehoming the dogs and cats thus sourced;
  • protecting and maintaining the rules of DRAV to maintain a high standing in the community;
  • lobbying as necessary to improve the standing of members of DRAV within the community and government;
  • promoting responsible pet ownership, educating, encouraging and working together with the community as a whole to embrace a caring and responsible attitude towards animal welfare;
  • supporting a network of animal rescue groups, foster carers and volunteers.
  • remaining a safety net for those pets that would otherwise be killed

Rescue Groups

Rescue Groups

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This list of rescue groups is provided simply as a resource. Appearing on this list does not represent an endorsement by DRAV. Please check them out.

List of Rescue Groups


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If you are involved in the running of a CFCN or other rescue group we invite you to join our mailing list for updates, surveys and involvement in companion animal welfare.

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history of community fostercare networks and rescue groups

Who remembers when the only way to adopt a dog in Victoria was to go to one of the major pounds/shelters? Did you do that? Did you walk through looking at those sad faces? Did you perhaps take home a dog or cat you weren’t sure you even wanted just to feel you had done something? So what changed. We came on the scene, and you supported us. The major shelters succumbed to pressure to show how many pets were killed and how many were saved. You, the compassionate people of Victoria, realised there was another way.... >> read more