contacts to express your view of mildura pound

We do ask that any contact via the below email addresses or in other form is politely expressed.

Mildura Council (Councillors names below)

c/- Mildura Rural City Council
PO Box 105 Mildura VIC 3502
(03) 5018 8100 

Government Contacts

Others to contact

Letter Template

If you want to protest to those in Mildura about what is happening there here is a suggested template. Please alter to suit yourself as your own words are best.


The killing, negligence and cruelty in Mildura Pound must stop.

The rescue groups who have saved dogs and cats from Mildura pound for the last twelve years must be acknowledged and dealt with fairly.Without them Mildura Pound would have the worst rehousing figures in the State – just as they used to.

The council must build a pound that is adequate to hold dogs for more than eight days and have a proper isolation ward.

Mildura Council and their pound are known throughout Australia.

Animal welfare in Victoria in 2018. The Code that permits this must be changed.