deidra - another victim of mildura pound

This is Deidra. Impound 16274/2018. Her name means sorrowful and she is dead. Another victim of Mildura Pound.

Deidra was found in the minipen according to her records. This either means she was dumped there by her owner or was found straying and someone picked her up and left her in the minipen outside the pound because the pound was closed.

Rescue put their name on this timid girl. They could have taken her as soon as the pound agreed. She was assessed with the big placid dog in the second photo and as you can see clung to the dog for security. For some reason Mildura Pound decided to assess her again. And this time we believe they used a dog who could almost guarantee a response from a scared and timid girl in the pound environment. She was then killed for being aggressive, despite a rescue group being willing and ready to take her.

What training do these people have? Were they going to keep assessing her till they found a dog she reacted to? So for example if they had a dominant male dog there would they seek another male dominant dog to test him with? Any dog can react given provocation especially in a pound environment. We have gone through Mildura’s Domestic Animal Management Plan and see no mention of the training these local laws officers have. Even if they hold a Certificate IV – which we doubt - it does not qualify them to assess a dog There are professional courses that can be done to learn how to assess dogs in a difficult environment.

What can you expect from a pound where one of the local laws officers still there was involved in the ‘training exercise’ at the back of Mildura pound in 2009. We note that the government have responded that the investigation into Mildura pound early in the year ‘ found staff operating the pound weren't qualified and that the living standards for dogs and cats weren't up to scratch.’ Now there is new person in charge but this is what is happening.

Why would you choose a provocative dog to test with a scared dog? A rescue group wrote to the Council, begging for the dog to be released, assuring them they would keep as an only dog till further tested. The Council refused and Deidra was killed. Poor timid girl.

Why is the pound killing more dogs now? We understand locals went to a recent council meeting but were refused the opportunity to speak and ask that question.

Sadly rescue is at the grace and favour of the Pound and if they choose to say no, all they have to do is remind the rescue that it is up to the council to determine what dogs and cats are released. Rescue have NO rights. Rescuers cry and suffer for the dogs and cats that die at the behest of the pound with no adequate explanation given. Why cannot rescue be an equal partner, and be given information as to why the dog cannot be released?

We know our compassionate supporters understand the emotional investment we have in these dogs and cats. We see a photo, perhaps are given a tiny piece of information now there are no volunteers assessing, we find them a place to be safe, then we are advised they are ‘no longer in the pound’, a euphemism for killed. This is just not good enough for animal welfare in Victoria in 2018. These are living beings – not numbers.

A good pound with a good staff give the dog a chance. When they test them it is to judge where they can be best placed. It is not to find a way to kill them. And if a dog is to be killed the rescue group should be given details and allowed to put in a defence for the dog, providing information if necessary as to where they will placed and any issues dealt with, as the group in this case were prepared to do.

Mildura Council, to you she was Impound 16274/2018. To us she was a timid girl clearly looking for safety and reassurance.

Why did Deirdra have to die?