international cat day….and mildura council killed cats that had a rescue’s name on them and should have been safe.

SHAME ON YOU MILDURA COUNCIL...WHY DID YOU KILL THESE CATS?  Six had a rescue name on them. Why were they killed? Because they had cat flu. Why do they have cat flu? Well partly because Mildura pound has been operating as a too small pound with no room for quarantine or isolation facilities for the past decade.

Many cats with cat flu have been released to rescue. Why not these? Could it be because a complaint was made about a starving cat and kittens handed on to rescue where the mother cat nearly died in rescue care despite extensive vet treatment.

We are all familiar with the system at Mildura Pound. Speak up and complain and the dogs and cats that you want are not available. So a complaint has been made about the health status of the poor cat handed on, what is your solution. KILL ANY THAT GET CAT FLU OR ARE ILL. And who was asked to investigate the current complaint made against Mildura pound - that Departmental persecutor of rescue groups - Mr Steve Moore. The same person who for years carried out audits of Mildura Pound and declared all was good. Have you read the Code recently Mr Moore? How could you go there over a decade and not 'notice' that there were no proper quarantine facilities. So these cats are dead. Just as dead as the cats and kittens that the current Local Laws Manager Mr Sjaakie Adriaans organised to be killed in a training exercise some years ago. Domestic cats and kittens in a cage shot at the back of the pound in a barbaric act of cruelty. All headlines in the local newspaper. Well Mildura Council we note you have the same Mayor you had eleven years ago - shame on you too Mayor. Forget the responsible pet ownership and the council putting in money to build an education centre, what about a new pound!! What about a new local laws manager!! What about a little basic care!!
And what about a Government that does nothing about the everyday cruelty in pounds!! Rescue has taken Mildura Pound's dogs and cats for more than a decade. Enough.

Please express your views politely to those listed below. The Councillors at Mildura City Council should be aware of what goes on in their City and if they are not they are failing in their responsibilities.

Mildura CEO, Mayor and Councillors: