please help us stop the killing the cruelty.

Dear friend,

Please help us stop the killing the cruelty.

At present pounds hide under an out of date Domestic Animals Act and Code of Practice for the Management of Shelter and Pounds. There is no real accountability. If anyone complains or asks too many questions these pounds become even more secretive. Yes, some pets sadly must be killed but it should not be on the whim of a local laws officer or by cruelty or negligence. Toby, Deidra, Omisha, and Brennan should not be dead. Nor should this unnamed dog below who was 'not available'. But they and so many others are.

When a pound or shelter Is queried, the same answer is always given. It is according to the Domestic Animals Act and the Code. Both are so badly outdated, from a time when it was accepted that a major Melbourne shelter killed two out of every three dogs left in their care. The current Domestic Animals Act was written before the 130 or more rescue groups even existed. Now these animals can be saved but still so many die and suffer.

It is your – our supporters' money – that is used to bring back to health the sick and injured pets that come to us from pounds and usually we say nothing because otherwise the dog or cat may well be killed. But often we are not even allowed access, we are just told they are not available.

Cruelty, negligence, and indifference should not be allowed. There must be accountability. There isn't now. Please help us to ask that the incoming government makes a difference. This time let those be consulted that know what is happening, rather than listening to those with a vested or financial interest in keeping the status quo or amending to suit themselves.

Why is this appeal so close to election time? We are nearly all volunteer groups working seven days a week, and time spent away from our primary task can mean a dog or cat dies. Our only concern is the animals. Please help us to make a change. With the forthcoming election your voice can make a difference.

PLEASE visit in person, telephone, write a letter, or email your local member. Let them know that this issue is important to you. We are sure you have received election material from them. And also contact the leaders of the three major parties and ask them for their commitment. Their contact details are below. Ask that the Domestic Animals Act and the Code of Practice for the management of shelters and pounds be completely rewritten, and also express your own views. A form email is unlikely to elicit a response so if you have time to contact your local representative direct or telephone a ministerial office, that is so important also.

We have sent an email to Minister Pulford.  Emails have also been sent to Premier Andrews, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Peter Walsh, and Greens Leader Samantha Ratman.

Please help us make the lives of Deidra, Omisha, Toby, Brennan and all the nameless 'not available' dogs and cats count.

Please contact those who have the power to make a difference now. Some contacts are listed below, and more are available here:


What do you need to ask for – Rewrite the Domestic Animals Act. Rewrite the Code. Stop the killing and cruelty. And your own personal comments. These letters are more effective, and are read more when they include personal comments. Form emails are often overlooked and not replied to.

For more information please go to the DRAV Facebook page or the Victorian Dog Rescue Facebook page.

Thank you

Trisha Taylor,

These animals had families and rescues that wanted them. They died for no reason except that the pounds are free to kill, to neglect and be cruel.


Toby's sad


Deidra's sad