Recently we heard of a person who said they had paid $380 for a maltese from a rescue group.  They then found out the dog was undesexed and pregnant.  THIS IS NOT A RESCUE GROUP.   This is a back yard breeder.   Please check the authenticity of the people you are dealing with :  Do they have a website?  Are they on pet rescue?   Do they have adequate paperwork to show the animals are vetworked?

Do not support what is no more than a small version of puppy farming?

Be aware too of puppy brokers who advertise in rural newspapers, buy the puppies for a nominal fee, bring them back and sell them on undesexed to the unsuspecting public at high prices or to pet shops.  What happens to the ones that aren’t sold?  Or grow too quickly?  Or need vet treatment?  Do not support puppy brokers?   This also encourages people in the country not to desex their dogs.