please don’t let this happen again!

I died in pain and terror.

We called her Faina when we saw her at the pound. We were not allowed to take her to the vet or to remove her from the pound. She served her eight days in the pound, heavily pregnant. She delivered one puppy at the pound that died soon after. 

The other puppies, much too large for her ever to have delivered, were dead inside her and her uterus was rotting. If she had been able to have vet care on arrival at the pound perhaps such a miserable end, dying by poisons within her own body, could have been averted. She weighed 2kgs.

The pound have been left with a system - as set up by the department of Primary Industry and its Code of Practice - where the choice is either that the animal be destroyed if in pain, or has to serve eight days in case there is an 'owner' out there.

How many times have we been told of animals, obviously sick and not well, and been denied the right to help them. In NSW they have a ‘duty of care’ where the sick or emaciated dog can be removed from the pound. Not in Victoria.

This has happened before and will happen again. The draft Mandate for Death will ensure this continues.

Do the RSPCA, LDH and Cat Protection Society really believe that in these days of social media they can continue to mislead as many people as they have for so long that their primary concern is animal welfare. If it were, they would be outraged and calling for substantial changes to the draft Code. True protectors of animals do not wait for community outrage but are proactive at bringing in and supporting positive changes. The same is true of the Government.